Check the Status of an Application

Has my Application Been Received?

After submitting an application, you should receive two emails. Please note that your application has not been successfully submitted until you receive the validation email.

Submission Receipt Email Notification

Within two business days after your application package has been received by the system, you will receive a submission receipt email which indicates that your submission has entered the system and is ready for validation.

This email also contains a tracking number for use while tracking the status of the submission as well as a "Track My Application" link to use to see the progress of your submission.


Submission Validation Receipt and Rejected with Errors Email Notifications

After you receive the submission receipt email, the next email you will receive will be a message validating or rejecting your submitted application package with errors. The system is designed to check for technical errors within the submitted application package. does not review application content for award determination.


Rejected with Errors Email
Indicates that was unable to process your application because of an error(s) and cannot accept the application until you correct the error(s) and successfully resubmit the application. You will receive email notification with information on how to log on to the application section of to view the reason of the rejection to be able to correct the error and re-submit.

Office of Head Start Retrieval Email Notification

Once your application package has passed validation, it is delivered to the Office of Head Start for award determination and further approval. After the Office of Head start has confirmed receipt of your application, you will be sent a third and final email from The Office of Head Start may also assign your application package an agency-specific tracking number for use within their internal system.


Office of Head Start Assigned Tracking Number  Notification

If a grantor agency-specific tracking number is assigned to your application package, you will receive an email from indicating that an agency-specific tracking number has been assigned to your application package. The agency-specific tracking number is not included in this email.

The grantor agency will send you an email containing their tracking number, this tracking number can only be used to track your application package within the grantor agency's system.

If you have questions about an application submission that is assigned an agency-specific tracking number, please address the grantor agency directly. Grantor contact information can be found on the synopsis for the funding opportunity, and the cover page of the application.

Please Note:To track your application within the system you must use the tracking number assigned to you by (the tracking number is sent in the submission receipt email).


Application Receipt Postcards from the Office of Head Start

The Office of Head Start will provide acknowledgement of receipt of hard copy application packages submitted via mail or courier services. Application receipt postcards are mailed from the OHS Operations Center and provide the applicant their grant application tracking number for future reference.


Tracking Your Application on

Once you have received a tracking number included in your submission receipt email, you can track and check the status of your grant application submissions on

Screenshot of application status page

What if I Still Have Questions?

If after reading the information above you still have questions, please select the "Ask a Question" button below to send an email to the OHS Operations Center. All questions regarding your application status and/or submission will be answered via email.

OHS Operations Center
Hours of Operation: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time
Phone: 1-866-796-1591


Last Reviewed: March 2012

Last Updated: September 15, 2014