§1308.21  Parent participation and transition of children into Head Start and from Head Start to public school.

Subpart A—General

1308.1 Purpose.
1308.2 Scope.
1308.3 Definitions.

Subpart B—Disabilities Service Plan

1308.4 Purpose and scope of disabilities service plan.

Subpart C—Social Services Performance Standards

1308.5 Recruitment and enrollment of children with disabilities.

Subpart D—Health Services Performance Standards

1308.6 Assessment of children.
1308.7 Eligibility criteria: Health impairment.
1308.8 Eligibility criteria: Emotional/behavioral disorders.
1308.9 Eligibility criteria: Speech or language impairments.
1308.10 Eligibility criteria: Mental retardation.
1308.11 Eligibility criteria: Hearing impairment including deafness.
1308.12 Eligibility criteria: Orthopedic impairment.
1308.13 Eligibility criteria: Visual impairment including blindness.
1308.14 Eligibility criteria: Learning disabilities.
1308.15 Eligibility criteria: Autism.
1308.16 Eligibility criteria: Traumatic brain injury.
1308.17 Eligibility criteria: Other impairments.
1308.18 Disabilities/health services coordination.

Subpart E—Education Services Performance Standards

1308.19 Developing individualized education programs (IEPs).

Subpart F—Nutrition Performance Standards

1308.20 Nutrition services.

Subpart G—Parent Involvement Performance Standards

1308.21 Parent participation and transition of children into Head Start and from Head Start to public school.


AUTHORITY: 42 U.S.C. 9801 et seq.

SOURCE: 58 FR 5501, Jan. 21, 1993, unless otherwise noted.


§ 1308.21 Parent participation and transition of children into Head Start and from Head Start to public school.

(a) In addition to the many references to working with parents throughout these standards, the staff must carry out the following tasks:

(1) Support parents of children with disabilities entering from infant/toddler programs.

(2) Provide information to parents on how to foster the development of their child with disabilities.

(3) Provide opportunities for parents to observe large group, small group and individual activities describe in their child's IEP.

(4) Provide follow-up assistance and activities to reinforce program activities at home.

(5) Refer parents to groups of parents of children with similar disabilities who can provide helpful peer support.

(6) Inform parents of their rights under IDEA.

(7) Inform parents of resources which may be available to them from the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Program, the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) Program and other sources and assist them with initial efforts to access such resources.

(8) Identify needs (caused by the disability) of siblings and other family members.

(9) Provide information in order to prevent disabilities among younger siblings.

(10) build parent confidence, skill and knowledge in accessing resources and advocating to meet the special needs of their children.

(b) Grantees must plan to assist parents in the transition of children from Head Start to public school or other placement, beginning early in the program year.

(c) Head Start grantees, in cooperation with the child's parents, must notify the school of the child's planned enrollment prior to the date of enrollment.

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