§1309.4  Eligibility--Construction.

§ 1309.4 Eligibility--Construction.

Before submitting an application under Sec. 1309.10 for construction of a facility, the grantee must establish that:

(a) The Head Start program serves an Indian Tribe; or is located in a rural or other low-income community; and

(b) There is a lack of suitable facilities (including public school facilities) in the grantee's service area which will inhibit the operation of the program, as demonstrated by a statement that neither the grantee's current facility nor any facility available for lease in the service area is suitable for use by the Head Start program. This statement must explain the factors considered, how it was determined that there is a lack of suitable facilities and be supported whenever possible by a written statement from a licensed real estate professional in the grantee's service area.

[68 FR 23219, May 1, 2003]

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45 CFR 1301-1311. Head Start Program Performance Standards and Other Regulations. 2015. English.

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