§1310.23 Coordinated transportation.


§ 1310.23 Coordinated transportation.

(a) Each agency providing transportation services must make reasonable efforts to coordinate transportation resources with other human services agencies in its community in order to control costs and to improve the quality and the availability of transportation services.

(b) At a minimum, the agency must:

(1) identify the true costs of providing transportation in order to knowledgeably compare the costs of providing transportation directly versus contracting for the service;

(2) explore the option of participating in any coordinated public or private transportation systems existing in the community; and

(3) where no coordinated public or private non-profit transportation system exists in the community, make every effort to identify other human services agencies also providing transportation services and, where reasonable, to participate in the establishment of a local transportation coordinating council.

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45 CFR 1301-1311. Head Start Program Performance Standards and Other Regulations. 2006. English.

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