Fun and Learning for Parents and Children: Activities and Game Ideas

Learning experiences can be fun for everyone. Children and parents can share the joy of learning and playing while they communicate and grow together. By working together with your child, you are helping to build his or her language and literacy, social and emotional, gross motor, fine motor, and cognitive skills.

“Fun and Learning for Parents and Children” is a collection of activities and ideas for use in the course of family life. Many of the ideas might be routines that you are already doing.

Your children’s ability to learn new skills will depend on their stage of development and their individual interests.

Before you get started with an activity in “Fun and Learning for Parents and Children,” you might review the Helpful Hints below. They offer ways to help you plan and prepare for the activity anytime and anywhere:

  • Establish some rules with your children and be consistent about enforcing them.
  • Set limits and be prepared to have them tested.
  • Use eye contact and reasoning to relate positively to your children.
  • Give detailed explanations to questions and explain the meaning of new words when asked.
  • When not sure, say “we will have to check on that one together.”
  • Praise your children for their positive behaviors and let them know that they are loved.

Remember, you are your child’s first and most important teacher and your home is a primary learning place! Their learning will depend on the opportunities and support that you offer them at home and in their surroundings.

Let's get started.

Last Reviewed: February 2009

Last Updated: September 16, 2014