Value of Donated Space

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Working with Architects

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Filing for Small Charities

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Managing Your Money

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Explore strategies for cost allocation plans and logical ways to allocate shared costs across different funding streams. Learn about administrative cost limitations and DAB decisions affecting cost allocation.


Learn how to prepare grant applications, elements of refunding applications, and community assessments. Keep abreast of funding opportunities, applying for a DUNS number, and registering with the CCR.


Examine how management systems and procedures are part of every Head Start and Early Head Start program’s ongoing and organized approach to implementing program services. Learn about insurance for volunteers, staff, and children; fair labor standards; risk management; asset building, budgets, wage comparability; and management initiatives.

Reports and Records

Examine requirements for financial reporting, record-keeping, monitoring, record access and retention.


Review the process and procedures for appeals, suspension, termination, and designation renewal for compliance with the terms and conditions of an award.


Review federal regulations governing property including equipment, supplies and inventory, federal interest, property trust relationship, and real and intangible property.


Last Reviewed: June 2010

Last Updated: April 16, 2014