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What Is MyPeers?

MyPeers is a social network where early childhood professionals can brainstorm, exchange ideas, and share resources with colleagues from across the country. Members can join communities and workgroups in the MyPeers network. Each community is dedicated to a specific topic, such as ERSEA; PFCE Deepening Practice; Teacher Time; Health, Safety & Wellness; and Mis Colegas. There are even communities dedicated to various regions. Once you are a member of MyPeers, you can join any community.

How Is MyPeers Different From the ECLKC?

The Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center (ECLKC) is the official information center for the Office of Head Start (OHS). MyPeers is a social platform for sharing comments, ideas, and other content created by early childhood professionals.

How do I find communities to join?

Select "Communities" from the left-hand navigation bar. Set the filter in the upper-right corner to "All Communities" instead of "My Communities." Select the icon of the community you want to enter. If you'd like to receive community updates, select the blue "Join" button in the upper-right corner.

Can I Start a New Community or Workgroup?

From the MyPeers Central community, select the "Pages" tab on the left. Choose "Request New Community/Workgroup" from the upper tabs. After you complete the form, someone from MyPeers will contact you.

Is There an App?

Yes, you can download MangoApps smartphone app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

What Is MangoApps?

MangoApps hosts the MyPeers platform. OHS licenses the MangoApps software for MyPeers. When you sign up, you will receive an email from MangoApps. You will also see their name in the MyPeers web address.

Why Am I Having Trouble Joining a Workgroup?

Workgroups are limited to only those members with permission to join as part of an assignment. Select "Workgroups" from the left-hand navigation. Make sure the filter in the upper-right corner is set to "All Workgroups" instead of "My Workgroups." Select the icon for the workgroup you want to join. If you are not a member, you can only read a short description of the workgroup. If you were invited, select the blue "Join" button, which will send a request to the workgroup administrator.

How Can I Change My Email Notification Preferences?

To set your notifications, select your name in the upper-right corner, then "Change My Settings," followed by "Change What's Important." Go through each of the tabs and check off any items you want to be notified about. Leave blank any items for which you do not want to receive notifications. Save your changes.

What If My Email Address Changes?

Login to MyPeers with your old email address. Select "View My Profile" by rolling your mouse over your own name in the upper-right corner. In the "Profile Info" tab, choose the pencil icon next to "Contact Details." There, you may change your email address and update any other information. The next time you login, use your updated email address.

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