COVID-19 and the Head Start Community

Home Activities and Tips

These resources for families can help parents engage with their child, cope with behavior that challenges them, and explain what is happening with coronavirus. This section is regularly updated with the most relevant resources. All published resources are listed under Recent Updates.

Schedules and Routines at Home
Share this tip sheet with families to support the use of schedules and routines at home with their children. Learn why schedules are important for children's development.

Emergencies and National Disasters: Helping Children and Families Cope
Parents can use these resources with their children to set clear behavior expectations, provide positive feedback and attention, and use other strategies to "have a good day" with their children. Find response strategies as well as tips for adults on self-care and managing stress. Check out the "Stay Calm" infographic in English and Spanish (español).

Practice Guides for Families
This guide is full of everyday learning activities and videos that encourage families to talk, play, and sing together. It is mobile device-ready and also available in Spanish (español).

Activities for Families and Caregivers
Find easy tips and ideas for parents to lead learning and positive interactions at home. Find more ideas in the "Family Staycation Kit." Similar information is available from other sources in Spanish (español).

Coronavirus Resources and Tips for Parents, Children, Educators, and Others
Find ideas for helping families stay socially and emotionally connected to their social circles. Explore tips for staying active and engaged as a family.

Tips for Families: Coronavirus
Explore tips around age-appropriate responses to children's common questions, a guide to self-care, and activities for young children experiencing social distancing.

Screen Time Can Be Quality Time
Share this tip sheet with parents to help them make screen time into quality time with their young children.

Sesame Street Videos: Caring for Each Other
These videos are great for parents to watch with their young children. They reinforce hand-washing, routines, and caring for others while socially distancing.

Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus
Children worry less when adults can explain what's happening. Tips are also available in Spanish (español).