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Head Start Information and Communication Center (HSICC) | Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center (ECLKC) is committed to ensuring digital accessibility to the widest possible audience, including those with disabilities.

To this end, we comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. HSICC | ECLKC follows standards and guidelines set forth by the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). We strive to continuously improve the experience for all of our users.

About Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act

In 1973, Congress passed the Rehabilitation Act, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in programs conducted by federal agencies. In 1998, Congress amended the Rehabilitation Act with Section 508. It requires federal agencies to make their electronic and information technology (EIT) accessible to people with disabilities.

In 2017, Section 508 was refreshed with a final rule that updated the requirements for information and communication technology used by federal agencies.

The law applies to all federal agencies when they develop, procure, maintain, or use EIT.

Efforts to Support Accessibility

HSICC | ECLKC takes the following measures to ensure accessibility:

  • Accessibility is part of our mission statement and guides our internal policies
  • Continual accessibility training is provided for employees
  • Clear accessibility targets and responsibilities exist within the organization
  • Formal accessibility quality assurance methods exist within the organization
  • We include people with disabilities in our user testing processes
  • We use software that supports accessibility

Assessment Methods

HSICC | ECLKC assessed the accessibility of this site using the following methods:

  • Self-evaluation: Internally by the company
  • External evaluation: By an external entity not involved in the design and development process

Feedback Process

We welcome your feedback on the accessibility of this site. Please contact us via one of the following methods:

  • Phone: 1-866-763-6481
  • Email: HeadStart at eclkc dot info
  • Postal Address: 1133 15th Street NW, Suite 450, Washington, DC 20005

We aim to respond to feedback within five business days.

You are entitled to lodge a complaint to HSICC if you are dissatisfied with our response. To do so, please HeadStart at eclkc dot info.

More About Accessibility, the Rehabilitation Act, and Section 508

Formal Approval of This Accessibility Statement

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