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Building Positive Learning Environments for Young Children Starts with You

By Sarah Merrill and Jamie Sheehan

Staff are the most important parts of early childhood education settings. Explore ways to create a positive learning environment for the children with whom you work.

Dr. Deborah Bergeron

Planning for the Holidays in Head Start

By Dr. Deborah Bergeron

In November’s vlog, Dr. Bergeron shares ideas for planning for the holidays in Head Start. Discover resources that will help programs in supporting children and staff.

Dr. Deborah Bergeron

Using Social Media for Your Program

By Dr. Deborah Bergeron

Dr. Bergeron sends a love note to a remote Alaskan Head Start program in her latest vlog. She also shares some strategies to get programs on social media and reminds them of a resource already at their disposal.

Dr. Deborah Bergeron

Achieving Full Enrollment

By Dr. Deborah Bergeron

Watch this video blog from Dr. Deborah Bergeron to learn strategies programs can use to maintain full enrollment all year long.

Dr. Deborah Bergeron

Getting Ready for Receiving Schools

By Dr. Deborah Bergeron

Watch this video blog from Dr. Deborah Bergeron to learn five ways Head Start programs can connect with the schools that will receive their children.

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A New Focus on School Readiness

By Dr. Deborah Bergeron

In this short video, Dr. Deborah Bergeron discusses her expectations for Head Start programs to work with the public schools who will receive their Head Start children.

David Jones

Celebrating Special Fathers

By David A. Jones

Let's celebrate those fathers who go deep in an effort to better understand and embrace their differently abled child, as well as celebrate, enhance, and support their child's milestones.

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Quiz Yourself! Head Start Program Performance Standards

By Ann Linehan

It has been a year since the revised Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS) were launched. Take a look back at all the work done by Head Start programs and the Office of Head Start OHS in updating policies and practices to implement the HSPPS.