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Quiz Yourself! Head Start Program Performance Standards

By Ann Linehan

It has been a year since the revised Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS) were launched. Take a look back at all the work done by Head Start programs and the Office of Head Start OHS in updating policies and practices to implement the HSPPS.

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Preventing Bullying

By Sangeeta Parikshak

Bullying is a serious issue that is linked to mental health issues for the bullies as well as the victims. Often, bullying is discussed in the context of children in grade school or higher. However, pre-bullying behaviors can be identified as early as age 3.

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A Healthy Start: Five Reasons to Encourage Families to Vaccinate Their Children

By Marco Beltran and Adriann Hawkins

It is time to remind parents and early childhood providers that children need vaccines right from the start.

David A. Jones

Reflections of Fathers

By David A. Jones

I realize I am not very much different than millions of other men who find themselves saddled with the awesome responsibility of having to father a child when they have not been fathered themselves. Yet, in most instances, they do the best they can, drawing upon their own experiences and things they learned along the way.

Steve Osunsami

#HeadStartStrong: Head Start Kids Grown Up, Strong and Successful

By Judy Sarasohn

What does Xyus, the 17-month-old son of a Northern Virginian single mom, have in common with Darren Walker, president of the Ford Foundation? Or Bonnie St. John, a Paralympic skier?

Amanda Bryans

New Ways to Approach School Readiness in Home Visiting

By Patty Marickovich and Amanda Bryans

Home visitors work with the families in many ways to achieve that readiness—helping set goals with parents, making sure the child is eating well and growing up healthy, and teaching parents how to build their child's brain. These comprehensive services unfurl the child's development and the family’s network of support.

Sharon Yandian

Comprehensive Services and T/TA in Head Start

By Sharon Yandian

The training and technical assistance (T/TA) system has taken many forms over the past 50 years, but its primary purpose has always been to strengthen the service delivery and management and fiscal systems within grantees.

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Impact of Lead Exposure in Very Young Children

By Marco Beltran, Katherine Beckmann, and Alana Buroff

As adults, the responsibility falls on us to protect our little ones from environmental hazards of which we have been made aware. One such health threat that has recently made headlines is exposure to lead from outdated pipes in some municipal water systems. The impact of lead toxicity on the health and safety of children has been alarming for parents who work hard to keep their children safe and on a path to reach their fullest potential.