Office of Head Start Blog

Anne Schuchat

Zika 101

By Dr. Anne Schuchat

Although most people who may be exposed to Zika virus will have only mild or no symptoms, there has been evidence linking Zika virus to negative effects on pregnancies in some cases, which has received widespread public attention.

Marco Beltran

Promoting Health Literacy for Families

By Marco Beltran

Health literacy is not determined by one's level of education. In fact, many of us struggle with understanding health care jargon. This may include deciphering our insurance benefits and knowing which vitamins or over the counter medications help with certain symptoms or conditions.

Jamie Sheehan

Supporting Head Start Teachers through Professional Development

By Jamie Sheehan

Today, many programs are taking a different approach to supporting teachers by developing ongoing professional development systems.

Amanda Bryans

Keeping Kids Safe

By Amanda Bryans

Transportation staff serve an incredibly important role. For many children, they are the first part of each Head Start day.