Warming Bottles and Infant Foods

Bottles and infant foods can be served cold from the refrigerator and do not have to be warmed. If a caregiver/teacher chooses to warm them, or a parent requests they be warmed, bottles should be warmed under running, warm tap water; using a commercial bottle warmer, stove top warming methods, or slow-cooking device; or by placing them in container of warm water. Bottles should never be warmed in microwaves. Warming devices should not be accessible to children.

Preparing, Feeding, and Storing Human Milk

Programs should develop and follow procedures for the preparation and storage of expressed human milk that ensures the health and safety of all infants, as outlined by the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Protocol #8; Revision 2010, and prohibits the use of infant formula for a breastfed infant without parental consent. The bottle or container should be properly labeled with the infant's full name and date; and should only be given to the specified child.  Unused breast milk should be returned to parent in the bottle or container.