Using Splat the Cat to Promote Dialogic Reading Strategies

Dialogic reading is an interactive way to talk with young children. It is a proven approach to increase vocabulary and language development for children learning to speak more than one language. Teaching teams can learn the strategy through this example of its use with "Splat the Cat" by Rob Scotton.

Using "Tough Boris" to Promote Dialogic Reading Strategies

Children make great gains in literacy when they are engaged in conversation before, during, and after storytelling. This dialogic reading strategy is used to increase vocabulary and language development in young children. Teaching teams may use the Tough Boris example as a way to introduce dialogic reading.

A Creative Adventure

Art, music, and drama activities are important endeavors in a young child's development. This 13-minute streaming video encourages Head Start classroom staff, teachers, and parents to employ visual and performing arts techniques to support learning, as well as creative expression. Filmed in classrooms and home-based settings, the video demonstrates activities that allow children to use their imaginations and experience creative adventures.

Head Start CARES

Learn about the Head Start CARES study, including the implications for implementation across the country.