Journeys of Hope and Courage - Asking and Listening

Asking the right questions and listening carefully and respectfully are equally important in the process of learning about families’ personal stories. Being objective while a family shares their history helps them open their hearts and share their strengths, interests, and needs.

Journeys of Hope and Courage - A Storytelling Point of View

Watch a Migrant and Seasonal Head Start program staff member interview families about their personal experiences as migrant workers in the U.S. These interactions help program staff understand the authentic needs and goals of families. In this way, storytelling can build partnerships based in trust, honor, and respect.

Journeys of Hope and Courage - Introduction

Discover the importance of storytelling when collaborating and developing relationships with children and families. Learn to communicate with families and understand their values, strengths, and goals for the future.

Journeys of Hope and Courage - Empathizing

Listen and empathize with families about the hardships they have endured. Watch this video to see how staff can connect with and support families, even when there may not be ready solutions to address their challenges.