Program Governance Training

This self-paced, interactive training module offers activities and life-like scenarios that governing body, Tribal Council, and Policy Council members can use to further develop their governance leadership skills.

Writing Bylaws

This resource can be used by program directors and policy groups to establish bylaws for policy group formation.

Conducting Effective Meetings

Meetings are an important aspect to establishing communication within and across groups, making decisions, and planning actions. Program directors and staff can use this resource to conduct effective meetings.

Guide to Online Breastfeeding Resources

Currently, the Head Start Program Performance Standards require breastfeeding education for expectant families and accommodations for breastfeeding children. Breastfeeding provides a true head start for the children that Head Start programs serve. Research shows that breastfeeding has important long-term impacts on the health and development of children and the health and well-being of mothers. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and many other health organizations recommend that babies breastfeed exclusively for the first six months.

Management Systems

The Head Start Management Systems Wheel is a visual representation of the 12 program management, planning, and oversight systems that are critical to high-quality service delivery.

Sample Outline for Policy Council Bylaws

Opportunities for parents to be involved in shared decision-making activities with the governing body and staff include elected participation on the Policy Council or Policy Committee. This resource can be used by program directors and policy groups for developing bylaws. This resource offers an outline that can be used for preparing bylaws.

What Are Best Practices

The Office of Community Services has created this guide to better inform grantees, Head Start program staff, and other family service organizations about the definition, necessity, and role of best practices in the nonprofit sector. Although best practices were first used extensively in business, nonprofits continue to recognize the need to adopt best practice methodologies to effectively achieve an organization’s mission, and meet its goals.

Promoting Breastfeeding and Addressing Challenges

In working with expectant families, Early Head Start staff have a great opportunity to share information and support. There are also simple things that staff working with older children can do when working with families getting ready for another baby. Start talking with families about breastfeeding as early as possible. Breastfeeding decisions are often made early in pregnancy. The questions in this document can help open the discussion about breastfeeding.

Accounting Software Assessment Worksheet

Accounting software can help your organization plan for and keep track of its budget. Program directors and their management staff can use this resource to assess their accounting software needs as part of their overall technology planning.