Me and You

This short video explores the impact of adults on the growth and development of infants and very young children.

Teaching Practices

Effective, nurturing, and responsive teaching practices and interactions are key for all learning in early childhood settings. They foster trust and emotional security; are communication and language rich; and promote critical thinking and problem-solving.

Tell Me a Story Series

Use this resource to help build parent and staff capacity in using books and stories for helping young children learn, manage strong emotions, deal with feelings of grief, or work on their social skills.

Healthy Gender Development and Young Children

Children learn the social meanings of gender from adults and culture. Beliefs about activities, interests, and behaviors associated with gender are called "gender norms," and gender norms are not exactly the same in every community.

Professional Development

Excellence in early childhood education (ECE) programs is built on a workforce that promotes continuous program improvement.

Strengthening Partnerships to Support Babies with Special Needs

View this short animated video to find out about a family’s experience when they learn that their child has a special need. Explore how staff can support and partner with families through this experience. Use this training tool to enable staff sensitivity around this topic.

Framework for Effective Practice

Learn about the five integral elements that build the Framework for Effective Practice, and apply its resources for all birth to five program options.

Early Essentials Webisode 4: The First Three Years

Explore the rapid growth and development that occurs in the first three years of life, and its influence on later development and learning. Ross Thompson, professor of psychology at the University of California, Davis, discusses the social-emotional world of babies. He also addresses babies' self-regulation and sensitivity to stress.