Session 7: Getting Started

Participants discuss specific strategies and practices for initially planning to include a child with a disability in early care and education in collaboration with early intervention. Participants are introduced to two Inclusion Planning Checklists for serving infants and toddlers with significant disabilities and their families in either a home-based or a center-based early care and education program.

Session 2: Developing Your Vision for Inclusion

This session builds on Session 1, Creating Bright Futures, and asks participants to consider their individual, program, and/or community visions for including young children with disabilities and their families.

Session 9: Transition at Age 3

The process of transition for a child with disabilities at age 3 and their family is the focus of this session. Participants explore strategies that service providers can use to support families and ensure smooth transitions between infant/toddler services and preschool services (early intervention and preschool special education services, early care and education, and other preschool programs).