Quick Tips for Establishing a Selection Criteria

The Head Start recruitment process requires full program enrollment. Grantees and delegate agencies can use this tip sheet to establish their programs’ recruitment efforts. Applications are to be taken from as many Head Start-eligible families living within the recruitment areas as possible throughout the course of the program year. This procedure allows for a waiting list to be established so that as vacancies occur, slots are filled as quickly as possible.

Family Income Guidelines: Military Income

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides information that will assist programs in determining the gross income of those families with members in the armed forces. Family service staff will find this information beneficial in determining the eligibility of children of military families for enrollment in the Head Start program.

Governance, Leadership, and Oversight Capacity Screener

Organizations that accept federal funds to operate Head Start or Early Head Start programs must have strong governance systems. These systems help to safeguard federal dollars and provide oversight and direction to the Head Start program. This screener organizes the Head Start requirements. Using this resource, organizations can identify where they need to make changes and build capacity to fulfill their Head Start governance responsibilities.