Resources for the Administration of EHS-CC Partnership Programs

Meeting fiscal challenges, and managing, training, and supporting early care and education staff across programs and systems ensures successful partnerships. Resources in this area include information and tools related to: Making financial decisions; contracts and formal agreements; child care subsidies; human resource policy and legal issues; and staff management.

Recordkeeping and Reporting

Well-designed recordkeeping and reporting systems maintain the program's institutional memory and provide critical information to program leaders, staff, families and community partners.

Federal Financial Report (SF-425)

Prior to fiscal year (FY) 2016, all Head Start grantees were required to submit financial reports made for its federal award(s) using standard form (SF) Federal Financial Report 425 (lines 10a, b, and c), detailing the cash transactions in the Payment Management System (PMS), and separate reports to the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) detailing the expenditures (lines 10d-o) made for the same award(s).

How Technology is Funded: The Basics

As a program director or member of the management team of a nonprofit, what can you do to improve the prospects that your organization will get funding for needed technology? This article provides tips on seeking donations from companies and foundations for technology grants.

Instructions for the Federal Financial Report Attachment

This Federal Financial Report attachment is an example of the line item cash management activity for multiple grants. Grantees will find this template useful when completing line item cash management activity for their multiple grants.