Notice of Grant Award

Notice of grant award is a legal document given to the intended organization that indicates an award has been made and that funds may be requested from the designated HHS payment system or office. The notice of grant award shows the amount of Federal funds authorized for obligation and the budget period for the approved project. Grantees will find this information helpful, which outlines the conditions of their grant awards.

Progress Reporting

Progress reports are generally required on an annual basis for the non-competing continuation award process. The Office of Program Division may require these reports more frequently. Progress reports must be submitted to, and approved by, the OPDIV. New grantees may find this information useful when preparing reports about their program.

Types of Grants

This illustration provides an overview and description of various funding opportunities for grantees. Grantees may find this information useful when applying for grants.

Instructions for the Federal Financial Report Attachment

This Federal Financial Report attachment is an example of the line item cash management activity for multiple grants. Grantees will find this template useful when completing line item cash management activity for their multiple grants.

HHS Grants Policy Statement (GPS)

Find, in a single source, the general terms and conditions of HHS discretionary grant and cooperative agreement awards. This policy statement applies to all (except NIH) HHS discretionary grant programs that are awards to organizational entities. The four parts and appendix of the HHS GPS allow general information, application information, and other types of reference material to be separated from legally binding terms and conditions.

View Grants by Major Activity Type

Discretionary grants and associated dollar values are organized by four major activity types: research, training, services, and other.  Interested parties can use this information when applying for grant funding. Definitions for the types are provided in this resource.

Foster Grandparent Program

The Foster Grandparent Program provides grants to qualified agencies and organizations for two purposes. First to engage persons 60 and older, particularly those with limited incomes, in volunteer service and then to provide a high-quality experience that will enrich the lives of the volunteers. Grantees may consider this program to assist them with meeting their 20 percent matching share. Program funds are used to support volunteers in providing supportive, person-to-person service to children with exceptional or special needs.