Oral Health

Oral Health

Oral Health Services and Their Link to School Readiness

Vision Screening Fact Sheet

Learn how timely vision screening is an important step in early detection of any possible vision problems.

Head Start Health Services Newsletters

The Head Start Health Services Newsletter provides current research topics, best practice and updates for the Office of Head Start (OHS). It includes notices and resources from professional organizations, federal agencies, and federal partners to OHS. The newsletter also provides tips for supporting staff and engaging families. Head Start health managers and other early childhood professionals are encouraged to subscribe and to use and share these resources.

Family Connections: A Mental Health Consultation Model

Explore Family Connections, a preventive, system-wide mental health consultation and training approach to strengthen the capacity of Early Head Start and Head Start staff. Staff can use these resources in working with families dealing with parental depression and related adversities.

How Program Leaders Can Use this Tool

This tool uses a five-step process for examining the links between health and learning for each of the five essential school readiness domains of school readiness in the Child Development and Early Learning Framework (HSCDELF). They are: Approaches to Learning; Cognition & General Knowledge; Language & Literacy; Physical Development & Health; and Social & Emotional Development.

How Lifestyle Affects Breast Milk – Medications

A woman’s lifestyle may affect her breast milk, and impact the baby’ health. Mothers should talk to their doctor before taking medications because small amounts can pass through the breast milk. Mothers can use this information to educate themselves about the consequences of taking medications and about seeking a doctor’s advice to make sure the medications are safe.