Mobile Tools for Home Visitors

Explore free mobile apps for home visitors from the Office of Head Start, including ELOF@HOME and Text4HomeVisitors. Discover effective practices and get text messages focusing on home-based tools and topics.

Working with Children with Disabilities

Review the requirements of Early Head Start programs around   children eligible for intervention services by their state or local agency providing services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. 

Introduction: Home Visitor's Handbook

Explore this handbook to find research on home-based programs, strategies for best practices, video examples, and resources, along with wisdom from home visitors across the country.

What Makes Home Visiting So Effective?

Learn ways home visiting sets the stage for close, trusting relationships. Explore how it’s a key element in any program that supports children and their families and helps build healthy brain development.

Comprehensive Services of All Head Start Programs

Head Start and Early Head Start programs provide comprehensive child development and family support services. Learn how programs can enhance children’s physical, social and emotional, and intellectual development.

Requirements of the Home-Based Option

In this section of the Home Visitor Handbook, learn about the Head Start Program Performance Standards that provide the general requirements of the home-based option.

Home-Based Service Delivery

Education in home-based programs happens during home visits and socializations. Explore the ways to use those times to help parents take advantage of learning experiences throughout their day-to-day routines. 

Group Socializations

Learn how home visitors can help promote the parent’s role as the child’s teacher during socializations. Discover how to use experiences focused on the parent-child relationship.