Healthy Home Visiting Podcasts

The Healthy Home Visiting learning suites offer home visitors a chance to learn new skills and refresh their knowledge on key home visiting topics.

Developing and Maintaining Relationships with Parents

Building relationships with families is an ongoing process. Learn how a family’s first interactions with a home visitor impact whether they feel welcomed and safe, and whether they feel your program can help them.

Mobile Tools for Home Visitors

Explore free mobile tools for home visitors from the Office of Head Start, including ELOF@HOME and Text4HomeVisitors. Discover effective practices and get text messages focusing on home-based topics and resources.

Ethical Considerations for Home Visiting

The intimacy of working with families in their homes, with no other professionals present, can sometimes lead to confusing situations. Find ways to handle issues as they arise, by having program policies in place.

What Makes Home Visiting So Effective?

Learn ways home visiting sets the stage for close, trusting relationships. Explore how it’s a key element in any program that supports children and their families and helps build healthy brain development.

Collecting Data

Programs can collect data on a variety of topics to track quality and efficacy. Learn how program goals determine what tools to use to track child development and parent–child interaction, for example.

Research on Home Visiting

Explore research on home visiting programs and the Early Head Start home-based program option. Find out how positive outcomes appear in different degrees, in different program models, and for different populations. 

Relationships with Parents

Learn how the unique work of home visitors is about ways to “engage in a mutually respectful goal-oriented partnership with families to promote parent–child relationships and family well-being.”