Conflict Resolution Strategies for Head Start Staff

Whenever two or more people work closely together, conflicts can arise. Head Start programs' staff members may find it helpful to use conflict resolution strategies to define and resolve problems, as well as prevent conflicts. Conflicts are less frequent when staff work in collaboration with each other, communicate effectively, share responsibilities, and contribute to decision making. It is recommended that staff use a strategy to prevent conflicts, revise it as needed, and evaluate its effectiveness on a regular basis.

Severance Pay

Severance pay is allowable and should be determined according to established organizational policies applied without regard to the source of funds. It should be reasonable and should take into consideration the practice of similar types of organizations. Grantees will find this information useful when providing severance pay to their employees.

Tips on Becoming a Reflective Supervisor and a Reflective Supervisee

Meet Sam and Janine. Both are new to reflective supervision. Sam is a new director and Janine is a new home visitor. Each has questions about how reflective supervision works. The information sheet for supervisors shows Sam thinking about steps she needs to take to become a good supervisor. The information sheet for supervisees shares questions Janine has about reflective supervision.