Promoting Empathy, Understanding Trauma

Learn how trauma impacts children’s behavior and social and emotional well-being. Find tools to help teachers manage their own reactions. Explore ways programs can support children and families impacted by trauma.

Managing Stress with Mindful Moments

Explore how breathing and movement strategies can help children calm big emotions. Discover ways to use mindfulness with young children to name big feelings and describe how they are affected by them.

Mindful Moments: S.O.F.T.

Discover the S.O.F.T. relaxation strategy. S.O.F.T. stands for: soften the face; open the heart; float down the shoulders; and take a deep breath. Find three S.O.F.T. strategies to use for a brief relaxation break. 

Reducing Stress

Share this brochure with parents and staff to provide some easy-to-use stress reduction and self-care tips.

Responding Positively to Your Child’s Behavior

All children can exhibit challenging behavior sometimes. How parents respond can be key to how a child develops. Find ways to help parents and staff positively respond to children's behavior.