Reducing Stress

Share this brochure with parents and staff to provide some easy-to-use stress reduction and self-care tips.

Responding Positively to Your Child’s Behavior

All children can exhibit challenging behavior sometimes. How parents respond can be key to how a child develops. Find ways to help parents and staff positively respond to children's behavior. 

Nurturing the Nurturer Webinar

This webinar focuses on caregivers stress and wellness. Learn what wellness is and strategies to identify and reduce stress.

Health Services Newsletter: Staff Wellness– Managing Stress

Working in a Head Start program can be an extremely rewarding and demanding career. It is inevitable to feel stress in the workplace and some stress is natural and even healthy. Good stress helps to focus on a task or perform at a higher level. Unfortunately, negative or chronic stress can take a toll on your health and effectiveness as a Head Start team member. Caregivers who are stressed find it more difficult to offer praise, nurturance, and the structure young children need. This can lead to children exhibiting even more challenging behaviors. Harmful levels of stress can create a negative impact on the body.

Mindfulness: A Resilience Practice

Discover the impact of stress and the way that mindfulness practices can help teachers become more resilient. Try a mindfulness practice with children in your program.

Take Care of Yourself: Reduce Your Stress

Use this quick guide for tips on recognizing the causes of stress. Find steps to help reduce your stress and learn how the stress you experience affects the behavior of the children in your life.

Relaxation Exercises

The Early Childhood Mental Health (ECMHC) team has recorded a series of relaxation exercises in English and Spanish. These exercises may be used by Head Start and Early Head Start families and staff to help reduce stress.