Oral Health: Tips for Health Managers

Help parents and caregivers learn how to ensure good oral health for children and themselves. Help pregnant women and children learn good mouth and teeth habits.

Brush Up on Oral Health: January 2017

In this issue, learn more about ways Head Start staff can promote the importance of oral health during home visits. Find out how home visits can be an effective way to deliver comprehensive services to pregnant women and children and their families. 

Oral Health: Tips for Families

This fact sheet offers information to families on. Families may use these helpful tips to ensure their children's oral health begins in infancy.

Brush Up on Oral Health: March 2015

This issue describes key oral health concerns that children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) face. Learn tips to help parents and staff maintain the oral health of children with ASD.

Brush Up on Oral Health: May 2015

Getting oral health care during pregnancy, including cleanings, x-rays, fillings and pain medication is safe and important for expectant mothers to do.

Brush Up on Oral Health: July 2015

This issue provides an overview of child abuse and describes oral health signs of physical and sexual abuse. It also highlights resources that are available to help staff support children and families.

Routine Oral Hygiene Activities

Caregivers/teachers should promote good oral hygiene through learning activities including the habit of regular tooth brushing.