Human Resources

Head Start programs are only as good as their people. Explore the resources on this topic to ensure that staff members and volunteers have the credentials and competencies needed to provide quality Head Start services.

Fiscal Management

Strong fiscal systems are key to a healthy program. The materials in this topic guide programs in making the most of their financial resources. Explore tools to help grantees account for their federal assets, comply with regulations, avoid waste, manage risk, and strengthen internal controls. Find information to support grantees in generating in-kind contributions and meeting matching requirements. Learn how to develop sound reporting systems, and execute budgets that reflect program goals and priorities.

Fiscal Management Systems

Fiscal Management ensures accountability for federal assets, compliance with regulations, and includes internal controls. Appropriate reporting systems are in place and program leadership work in partnership to develop and execute a budget that reflects and supports program goals and priorities.


Discover resources that highlight the importance of effective internal and external communication and provide strategies for enhancing your communication system.

Digging Deeper: Looking Beyond Behavior to Discover Meaning

Digging Deeper: Looking Beyond Behavior to Discover Meaning is a unit of four lessons that explore and apply the Responsive Process—Watch; Ask “I Wonder” Questions; and Adapt: Using “Flexible Responses” to the behaviors of very young children. Program staff, education coordinators, trainers, and parents may use this information to build or refresh their observation skills and responses to children’s behaviors. Head Start Program Performance Standards and other resources are included.