Healthy Active Living

Review this collection of resources and learn how to promote healthy active living among staff and families.

Strategies to Support and Encourage Healthy Active Living

Watch this webinar for strategies programs can use to encourage and develop healthy active living behaviors for children in their care. Head Start and Early Head Start staff may find this resource useful in working with families to change their habits.

Growing Healthy Family Goals Worksheet

All parents know that they should teach their children to eat healthy and encourage them to exercise. However, that can be hard to do, especially when it feels like everything about your current lifestyle needs to change. Head Start and Early Head Start staff may use this worksheet with families to help them start behaviors that will improve the health and wellness of everyone at home. The 5-2-1-0 message provides suggestions for building healthy, active lives for everyone in the family.

Healthy Active Living: Tips for Health Managers

This fact sheet provides information on healthy active living. It discusses the importance of physical activity, a healthy diet, and quality sleep to the overall growth, development, and learning of young children.