Choosing the Right Officers

Involvement in the Policy Council and Policy Committee and the local Parent Committees empowers the active participation of parents and other community representatives. This resource can be used by program directors, policy groups and governing bodies in establishing procedures for choosing officers.

Parent Activity Funds Narrative

Parent committees are allocated a specific amount from the Parent Activity Fund to develop and implement parent projects and activities. Grantee and delegate agencies will find this information useful when preparing their annual budgets.

What Do Bylaws Do or Accomplish?

Bylaws provide policy groups and governing bodies with a document that establishes a framework through which functions and operations are carried out. This resource can be used by program directors, Policy Council members, and governing body members to further their understanding of the importance of bylaws.

Sample Outline for Policy Council Bylaws

Opportunities for parents to be involved in shared decision-making activities with the governing body and staff include elected participation on the Policy Council or Policy Committee. This resource can be used by program directors and policy groups for developing bylaws. This resource offers an outline that can be used for preparing bylaws.