Data & Ongoing Monitoring

The Head Start Program Performance Standards prescribe the management of program data and support its availability, usability, integrity, and security. A program must establish procedures on data management, and through ongoing assessment, use data to effectively oversee progress toward addressing program needs, evaluate compliance, and successfully achieve program goals.

Management Systems

The Head Start Management Systems Wheel is a visual representation of the 12 program management, planning, and oversight systems that are critical to high-quality service delivery.

Management Matters

Management Matters is a series of informational videos and interactive learning modules developed by the National Center for Program Management and Fiscal Operations (PMFO). Each 15- to 20-minute presentation focuses on an aspect of program management or fiscal operations valuable to a busy Head Start leader. We've provided the full presentation and resource materials below, along with a PowerPoint file with notes for leaders who wish to present the material to others. Take a short break from your daily routine to listen, watch, and learn about an important management matter.

Lessons in Leadership: Chapter 5: Support Systems

In this chapter, four Early Head Start (EHS) managers talk about support systems involving program managers, Head Start State Associations events, and EHS resources from the Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center (ECLKC) website.

Lessons in Leadership: Lead, Learn, and Pass It On

This video and guide is part of a new series from the Early Head Start National Resource Center (EHS NRC) specifically designed to support EHS leaders. The materials in the EHS Resources for Leaders Series are intended to align with materials from the five other Head Start National Centers.

Working with Technology Consultants

Nonprofits often get by with versatile staff members willing to tackle new challenges and a lot of help from reliable volunteers. But sometimes you need a level of expertise or experience only a consultant can offer. This is especially true when dealing with technology and data systems. 

Lessons in Leadership: Chapter 1: Introductions

In this chapter, Angie Godfrey, infant and toddler program specialist for the Office of Head Start, commends the role of new Early Head Start directors and managers, and encourages them to listen and learn from their peers in this new "Lessons in Leadership" video.

Word Processing Software Assessment Worksheet

Technology planning is a process that takes time and resources to understand what is appropriate for staff and the organization. Program directors and their management staff can use this worksheet to assess their word processing software needs.