Coordinated Approaches: Serving Children with Disabilities

Learn how program-wide coordinated approaches can help children with disabilities have full and effective participation in Head Start and Early Head Start programs. Review the connections between the Head Start Program Performance Standard regarding disabilities (45 CFR § 1302.101(b)(3)) and current practices. Hear how an implementation science framework may help staff in using coordinated approaches.

Program Planning and Service System Design

Program Planning and Service System Design support the program planning function, which guides all programs in their five-year grant. Planning systems occur in a continuous cycle, and involve key members of the Head Start community. The outcome of this cycle is the creation of achievable goals and short-term program and fiscal objectives.

Health and Safety Screener

This health and safety screener will help organizations identify where they need to make changes and build capacity in order to ensure children are healthy and safe while in their care.

Head Start Program Planning Cycle

Program planning is one of the 10 Head Start management systems. It is key to operating an effective and high quality Head Start or Early Head Start program. This Management Matters video presentation and supporting materials focus on the Head Start Program Planning Cycle.

Leader’s Role in Data

Explore the leader’s role in pulling together a variety of data sources to tell a program’s story.

Father Engagement is Everybody’s Business Webinar

This webinar introduces a new resource from the Office of Head Start, Head Start Father Engagement: A Birth to Five Programming Guide. Presenters draw on the Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (PFCE) Framework to identify systemic and integrated strategies for father engagement. They provide an overview of current research, discuss program planning, and identify professional development activities that will support program efforts.