Community and Self-Assessment

Community and self-assessment systems highlight the two starting points for the program planning process. Community assessment is the initial focus on external factors for new and existing programs, ensuring they are providing the right services to the right population. Self-assessment, with its focus on internal factors like ongoing monitoring data, supports the continuous quality improvement process which occurs annually.


Explore an overview of the yearly self-assessment process and outcomes for new Head Start and Early Head Start leaders. During the five phases of the process, staff, leaders, parents, and partners take a look at the progress they have made towards their goals and objectives. They also compare data across content areas to address higher-level systemic issues.

Self-Assessment: Your Annual Journey

Self-Assessment: Your Annual Journey takes you on a road trip with the Moving Forward Head Start program. It begins with the transition from ongoing monitoring to self-assessment and ends with a move back into the program planning cycle.