You’re the Best Teacher! Responsive Interactions with Young Children

Children learn best from rich, responsive social interactions with other people. These interactions allow children and adults to share attention and build bonds.Explore the importance of adults’ responsive social interactions with children. Find out how these interactions allow children and adults to share attention and build bonds.

Brush Up on Oral Health: June 2018

This issue of Brush Up on Oral Health offers tips Head Start staff can share with parents about using a pacifier safely and weaning their child from a pacifier.

Daily Separations and Reunions

Daily separations and reunions are part of the fabric of relationships. In center-based programs, they provide opportunities to develop a young child's skill at making positive transitions. 

Social and Emotional Development

The Social and Emotional domain includes Effective Practice Guides for each sub-domain. Discover teaching practices that support children’s development in all early learning settings.

Let's Talk About Empathy

Learn how responsive relationships with infants and toddlers help them build empathy with others. Discover tips for teaching empathy and helping children understand the impact of their actions.

Let's Talk About Music

Find out how music can support infants’ and toddlers’ learning in all domains. Learn how adults can adapt songs to fit children’s age and development.