Relationships Facilitate Learning

Discover how infants and toddlers learn through relationships with caring adults. Learn ways secure relationships help children feel safe, secure, and confident, while supporting their learning.

From Research to Practice: Implications for Programs

Explore the critical link between infants’ and toddlers’ social and emotional development and their early learning. Learn how this connection can help self-regulate, communicate and learn, and get along with peers.

Giving Children Responsibilities

This in-service suite offers ideas teachers can use to engage children in classroom activities and routines. Learn how giving simple tasks to children keeps them involved.

Social and Emotional Development

The Social and Emotional domain includes Effective Practice Guides for each sub-domain. Discover teaching practices that support children’s development in all early learning settings.

Let's Talk About Music

Find out how music can support infants’ and toddlers’ learning in all domains. Learn how adults can adapt songs to fit children’s age and development.