Program Management

When all management systems work together, they inform and influence the quality of a program’s service delivery.  Find ready-to-use training resources for Program Governance, Leadership, Financial management, Data management, and Self-Assessment. There is also one resource specifically designed for new leaders.

Resources for Data Management

A program must establish procedures on data management. Learn how It can use data to effectively oversee progress toward addressing program needs, evaluate compliance, and achieve program goals.

Resources for Program Governance

The Head Start Act of 2007 requires that all Head Start agencies must establish and maintain a formal structure for program governance. Find resources on this page that provide opportunities to learn about program governance.

Resources for Leadership

Head Start leaders face changes and challenges in delivering high-quality early education and services to young children and their families. Find resources on this page that provide opportunities to learn about leadership.

Resources for Financial Management

Fiscal management is directly related to successful outcomes for children, families, and programs.  Effective fiscal management is key to operating a successful Head Start program. Explore the resources on this page to learn more about financial management.

Resources for Self-Assessment

Self-assessment helps a program to determine if it is doing everything it can to benefit the children and families it serves. Explore the resources on this page around ways to gain insight into the self-assessment process.

Resources for New Leaders

This collection of sessions and resources are designed to address the unique needs of new Head Start and Early Head Start leaders.

Immunization Schedules

Find current immunization schedules (from the CDC) for children ages birth through 6 years old, catch-up schedules for children birth to 18 years old and the adult schedule by vaccine and age group.

Finding the Math

Learn more about how to plan math activities in the classroom. Also, share these activities with parents to use at home with their children.