Resources for the Administration of EHS-CC Partnership Programs

Meeting fiscal challenges, and managing, training, and supporting early care and education staff across programs and systems ensures successful partnerships. Resources in this area include information and tools related to: Making financial decisions; contracts and formal agreements; child care subsidies; human resource policy and legal issues; and staff management.

Making Connections: The Partnership Newsletter

Learn why family and community engagement are key aspects of successful Early Head Start-Child Care (EHS-CC) Partnerships, in this final issue of Making Connections: The Partnership Newsletter.

Layering Early Head Start Services and Funds with Child Care

The Cost Estimation Tool for Early Head Start-Child Care (EHS-CC) Partnership Services is designed to help EHS-CC Partnership grantees and their child care partners plan for the cost of delivering comprehensive Early Head Start (EHS) services to children enrolled in child care homes and centers.

Head Start Pre-K Local Partnerships That Work: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Learn how the Community Action Project of Tulsa County (CAP) combined the philosophy of traditional Head Start with collaborative partnerships from area school districts to transform a program on the brink of collapse into a highly regarded early childhood program.