Responding with Families to Developmental Concerns

Discover ways to engage families when early childhood staff have concerns that a child is at risk for a disability or developmental delay. Some information in this module may also refer to children with disabilities as "children with special needs." The module is designed for educators working with children ages birth to 5.

School Bus Transportation of Children with Special Health Care Needs

Local child care programs and school systems that provide transportation services are responsible for ensuring that children with special needs are safely transported on all forms of federally approved transportation. Program directors and transportation personnel can refer to this article for recommendations to consider when developing plans to provide the most current and proper support to children with special transportation requirements.

Transporting Students with Special Needs

This module focuses on the transportation of the student with special needs and the equipment that these students may require. It is intended as an in-service refresher training for drivers and transportation personnel of students with special needs. Program directors and transportation coordinators can incorporate this online module as part of the program's staff training.