The quality of health services depends on the knowledge, skills, and experience of program staff and consultants.  Goal of the professional development resources is to support Health Managers as they work with program staff and partners to strengthen health systems and services.

Early Learning Domains

Education managers and other professional development staff can use the training resources below to help teachers and caregivers enhance children's learning across the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework domains.

Highly Individualized Teaching and Learning

These 15-minute In-service Suites are a professional development resource for staff in busy, active early childhood centers and programs. They are organized around one topic or big idea and address effective teaching and assessment practices.

EarlyEdU Alliance Higher Education Learning Modules

These learning modules are highlights of higher education courses from the EarlyEdU Alliance. These learning modules go a bit deeper since they combine theory and the latest early childhood education research with students’ field-based learning.

Professional Development E-Catalogue

The e-Catalogue offers professional development resources in a variety of formats. Program management teams and others may use them to create staff training and development opportunities. Depending upon your design, format, and instructional objectives, these resources offer a centerpiece for creating your professional development experience.

Professional Development Resources from Other Organizations

It takes a village to raise a child. Likewise, it takes the collective efforts of many to develop resources and support those who teach and advocate for children. Below are links to federal offices, national organizations, and research institutions where you will find more resources regarding professional development.

Training is the Key to the Success of Providing Transportation

Head Start bus drivers and monitors are important to the success of Head Start since they often form relationships with the children and parents on their routes. Transportation supervisors may use this resource to train transportation personnel.

My Personal Journey

Balancing family, work, and school is a juggling act, but can lead to incredible opportunities and achievements. Prospective students and persons responsible for staff development will find the author’s personal history interesting and encouraging as she re-tells the story of the path she took from AA degree, to mother and nursery school/day care center owner, to part-time undergraduate and graduate student, and eventually Head Start Director. Her account provides insight into how one person pursued educational and professional goals before distance learning was widespread and supported by Head Start programs.

Infant and Toddler Online Associate Degree Curriculum Overview

OHS funded an Innovation and Improvement Grant with the University of Cincinnati and its partners to develop infant and toddler associate degree distance learning courses. They offer a way to increase professional development options and qualifications for staff working with infants and toddlers.