Las Manos de Apá Resources

Explore this set of resources designed to support Latino fathers as early literacy models for their children. The resources outline creating father-friendly environments, building community supports, sharing stories, and supporting early literacy for young children.  Many of the resources and activities are in English and Spanish.

Assessing Family Crisis

A crisis is a period of heightened family tension and imbalance that requires quick staff identification. Head Start staff who work with families will find this information useful in understanding what brings about crises for families. Just as a crisis is an opportunity for a family, it is also an opportunity for staff to make a real difference in the life of a Head Start family

Family and Community Engagement E-News

Stay up to date with the Family and Community Engagement E-News. This monthly alert will assist program efforts to achieve family outcomes that promote school readiness and healthy development.

ELLs in Early Childhood Education: Recruiting Immigrant Families

Ongoing outreach to recruit and enroll immigrant families is essential, but can be challenging. Family service staff would benefit from the recruitment strategies listed in this article as well as an explanation of some of the challenges immigrant families face. All program staff could benefit from the helpful tips for creating a welcoming environment for immigrant children and families.