The ECLKC's identity includes page elements such as the size and placement of buttons, logos, text, links, and more. Review the proper use of and requirements for these elements.

Marketing & Communication

ECLKC marketing include e-blasts, social media posts, banners, webinars and webcasts, and other campaigns that target the OHS and early childhood communities. A clear, concise, and consistent messaging style is key to effective outreach. Get to know the requirements for all ECLKC communications.


All terms are defined as they relate to website design, standards, and usability on the Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center (ECLKC).

Early Childhood Education

Head Start programs must ensure teachers and relevant staff provide responsive care, effective teaching, and an organized learning environment. They also must promote children's healthy growth and development in ways that align with school readiness goals.

Program Management

Management systems inform and influence the quality of Head Start and other early childhood programs' service delivery. Use these resources for large or small group training. Other resources are self-directed modules that can be used individually.


The quality of health services depends on the knowledge, skills, and experience of program staff and consultants.  Goal of the professional development resources is to support Health Managers as they work with program staff and partners to strengthen health systems and services.