Facilities Maintenance, Health, and Safety

Review the insurance and maintenance regulations, quality health and safety practices, and policies that grantees should establish in their early care and education facilities.

Oral Health Resources for Families

These resource materials can help families learn about oral health for pregnant women, infants and young children. Topics include dental visits, fluoride, nutrition, oral health care, oral hygiene, and safety and emergency first aid.

Building Foundations for Economic Mobility E-Newsletter

The Building Foundations for Economic Mobility (BFEM) E-newsletter is produced by the National Center on Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (NCPFCE). It is dedicated to staff working with families. This page provides current and past issues of the newsletter.

Professional Development-to-Go

Explore options for meeting the Head Start professional development requirements of 15 clock hours per year. Many of the provided resources can create positive and lasting impacts on job performance.

Individual Career Development

Focus on your own career development. Identify your vision, goals, motivation, and approaches to learning. Consider the possibility of an overall career path as opposed to focusing only on the current job.

Self-Assessment: Your Annual Journey

Use this nine-phase interactive learning module to walk through through the process of planning and executing an annual Head Start program self-assessment.

Reports to Congress

The following are reports made to Congress by the Office of Head Start pursuant to the Head Start Act.

Early Essentials

The webisodes in this series offer key messages and helpful resources to get staff started with the youngest children and their families. Managers can use Early Essentials to design orientation experiences or staff can participate on their own.

Family Income Guidelines: Military Income

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides information that will assist programs in determining the gross income of those families with members in the armed forces. Family service staff will find this information beneficial in determining the eligibility of children of military families for enrollment in the Head Start program.