Types of Grants

This illustration provides an overview and description of various funding opportunities for grantees. Grantees may find this information useful when applying for grants.

Number Guide for Government Contractors and Grantees: DUNS®

This publication focuses on how to obtain a DUNS® Number, which is free, by providing registration information by phone or on the web. Contractors and grantees, especially new ones, will find this helpful as a means of being identified through their business entities and locations.

About the Office of Head Start

In 2016, Head Start was funded to serve nearly one million children and pregnant women in centers, family homes, and in family child care homes in urban, suburban, and rural communities throughout the nation.

Family Connections: A Mental Health Consultation Model

Explore Family Connections, a preventive, system-wide mental health consultation and training approach to strengthen the capacity of Early Head Start and Head Start staff. Staff can use these resources in working with families dealing with parental depression and related adversities.

A More Comprehensive Risk Management Strategy and Data Improvements Could Further Strengthen Program Oversight

This report is a follow up to the 2005 report regarding Administration for Children and Families (ACF) oversight and monitoring of Head Start grantees. Grantees will find this report useful in determining if progress was made and what additional work is needed to strengthen their performance. Policymakers have raised new concerns about the scope of changes made by ACF and whether the changes are improving the performance of Head Start grantees.

Foundation I: Values, Regulations, and Decision-making

This Head Start A to Z session offers leaders the opportunity to become familiar with the underlying tenets of Head Start. It affirms the solid foundation on which Head Start was built. During this session, leaders are asked to reflect on the programs for which they provide leadership. Consider the extent to which the core values of Head Start are evidenced in the daily operations.

Ongoing Monitoring

Head Start and Early Head Start programs use ongoing monitoring to continually assess progress toward meeting program goals and objectives, as well as compliance with regulatory requirements. Ongoing monitoring measures program performance.