Recordkeeping and Reporting

Recordkeeping and reporting are intertwined into a single Head Start management system. They are key to a program's ability to gather and use data effectively. It is in the intersection of recordkeeping and reporting that programs turn data into information.

The School Bus as an Extension of the Classroom

In a Head Start program, the bus is not just a vehicle to transport children; it is also a learning environment. This article can be used by classroom teachers to further their understanding of creating age-appropriate activities for children who ride the bus. The classroom teacher can help transportation staff become a resource for the classroom; likewise, transportation staff can be an integral part of the classroom.

Fiscal Management Systems

Fiscal Management ensures accountability for federal assets, compliance with regulations, and includes internal controls. Appropriate reporting systems are in place and program leadership work in partnership to develop and execute a budget that reflects and supports program goals and priorities.

Regulations and General Support

Learn about procurement procedures, accessibility guidelines, and other design elements grantees should consider when establishing an early care facility.

News You Can Use: Early Experiences Build the Brain

Explore in this News You Can Use how the connections within the brain are created and made strong, the negative impact of chronic stress at an early age, and how caring adults can help even in difficult situations.