Cover Your Cough

Follow these simple steps to prevent the spread of germs that make people sick. Display this as a poster in classrooms and clinics.


Dr. Deborah Bergeron is the director of the Office of Head Start. Known as "Dr. B" to former students and teachers, she has spent three decades in pre-K–12 public education as a classroom teacher and elementary and high school administrator.

Leader's Role in School Readiness

Every Head Start and Early Head Start program is required to develop a plan of action to meet desired outcomes of school readiness, family engagement, professional development), curriculum, assessment, and teaching practice. A key part of this plan is to make sure teachers, home visitors, and family child care providers intentionally support children’s progress. For this to happen, systems and services must come together as early as possible.

Home Language for Success in School and Life

It is important that all staff understand children’s home language is fundamental to their learning. This video explains why it is critical that dual language learners continue to learn their home language as they learn English for success in school and life.

News You Can Use: Transitions

Read his issue of the e-newsletter that offers ideas for supporting the many kinds of transitions children and adults experience in Early Head Start.

Transition to Kindergarten Summit Presentations

Transition to Kindergarten summits offer unique opportunities to gather state and district level leaders in early learning and kindergarten transition. Watch the videos below for examples of a Transition to Kindergarten Summit.

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