Ongoing Child Assessment

These 15-minute In-service Suites are a professional development resource for staff in busy, active early childhood centers and programs. They are organized around one topic or big idea and address effective teaching and assessment practices.

Learning from Assessment (LFA) Toolkit

The LFA Toolkit is a collection of presentations, handouts, guided practice exercises, and descriptions of additional resources designed to support program staff in enhancing, conducting, and interpreting child assessments. It builds upon the assessment knowledge and expertise programs already possess, and the materials can be used selectively to design trainings that will meet programs' particular needs.

News You Can Use: Early Science Learning for Infants and Toddlers

Infants and toddlers are natural scientists. They are curious and they love to explore and learn. Adults can help infants and toddlers find answers to their questions and discover more about things that interest them. In this News You Can Use, we discuss ways teachers, home visitors, family child care providers, and families can be more intentional in how they support young children’s early science learning—and school readiness.

News You Can Use: The Culture of Sleep and Child Care

Teachers have a role in providing a sleep environment that is comfortable and safe for the children in their care, while honoring families’ cultural beliefs. Teachers and home visitors will find the following information on sleep useful, as they can be a valuable resource to families in creating safe sleeping arrangements for their babies.

Preschool Teachers

Teachers know and understand the broad range of content areas and the developmental expectations (i.e., social and emotional, cognitive, expressive and receptive language, motor, adaptive, and English language development) appropriate for young children as outlined by the Head Start Early Learning Framework. Teachers consider what they want children to know, understand, and be able to do using the five essential domains.

News You Can Use: Supporting Families and Staff

This edition of the News You Can Use e-newsletter outlines the important elements of comprehensive approaches to mental health services and provides strategies for creating a "mentally healthy" atmosphere. 

Sense of Identity and Belonging

The Sense of Identity and Belonging sub-domain Effective Practice Guide includes four sections of teaching practices: Know, See, Do, and Improve. Practices for home visitors are included.

Emotional Functioning

The Effective Practice Guide for the Emotional Functioning sub-domain includes four sections of teaching practices: Know, See, Do, and Improve. Practices for home visitors are included.