Recommended Emergency Plans for School Bus Fleets

Local child care programs that provide transportation services need a plan that clearly defines the roles of all staff when an accident or other emergency occurs. Program directors and transportation staff can use the recommendations listed in this tip sheet when establishing emergency procedures, specifically, vehicle evacuation.

Requirements for Head Start Bus Monitors

Criteria are identified to assist Head Start agencies in evaluating candidates for Bus Monitor. Local needs must be considered when a program establishes its own requirements for hiring staff.

Community Assessment for Transportation

Understanding the quality and availability of transportation services to Head Start families is an integral part of the community assessment. Program directors and transportation coordinators can use this tip sheet as a starting point in conducting a community assessment of transportation. Local needs and conditions should be considered when a program establishes its own transportation services.

Implementing Parenting Programs

Positive parent-child relationships set the stage for children's success in school and in life. Therefore, parents are our most important partners for supporting the development and well-being of young children.

Use the resources on this page to increase your knowledge about parenting programs that are most likely to be effective with families of young children in the settings where you work. Find tips and strategies for how to implement them well.

What Is Cash Flow and How Should We Manage It?

This resource discusses cash flow, its management through projecting receipts and expenditures, and developing a cash flow budget. Nonprofit grantees may find this information useful in managing their cash flow.

American Institute of Public Accountants

This website features a variety of professional resources, such as conferences, consumer data, legislative, workplace issues, and career development information. Grantees will find this site helpful when seeking information relevant to auditing and accounting.

2017 Pay Tables for Executive and Senior Level II Employees

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) appropriations bill contains a provision (Section 205) that requires that "none of the funds appropriated in this title for Head Start shall be used to pay the compensation of an individual, either as a direct cost or any proration as an indirect cost, at a rate in excess of Executive Level II."

The Most Common Financial, Management Risks Facing Nonprofits

This resource discusses and provides examples of possible financial risk that a nonprofit organization may encounter. Nonprofit grantees may find this resource useful in identifying potential risks within their organization. The risks in financial management are any actions that result in the reduction in value or loss of any of the organization's financial assets.

Little Voices for Healthy Choices

The Little Voices for Healthy Choices (LVHC) promotes wellness in infants, toddlers, and expectant families. Find resources with strategies designed to address healthy nutrition, physical activity, brain development, and sleep for children birth to 3, their families, and communities.