Session 1: Creating Bright Futures (Building Relationships with Families)

Creating Bright Futures: A Vision for Including Young Children with Disabilities and their Families in Early Care and Education Programs is intended as the first step toward helping participants think about creating a vision of what inclusion will look like in their programs and communities.

Session 8: Just Do It

This session focuses on the specialized activities and accommodations that can, during normal routines, be provided in inclusive settings to serve an infant or toddler with a significant disability. The session's approach is based on the belief that all staff members share the responsibility of ensuring that each child's specialized needs are met in a way that supports the child's development while nurturing relationships with the child and family.

Session 6: Enhancing Team Functioning

This session builds on earlier sessions in Volume 3 (Collaboration and Teaming) of the SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library and focuses on a framework, guide, and strategies for enhancing team functioning.

Session 6: Opening Doors to Family Leadership

In this session, participants consider the diverse ways that families of infants and toddlers with disabilities can be leaders in their own family with their children, in programs, and in communities.

Building Relationships with Families

Families are the enduring presence in the lives of young children with disabilities. This volume contains activities to support early care and education staff and families in developing positive relationships that support collaboration and family leadership.

Session 6: An Inclusion Story

The Christopher's Story video is used in this session to consider what "inclusive services" means and can look like for a young child with a disability and his family.