Motivational Interviewing Suite

These short videos provide examples of how to use MI strategies in everyday conversations between staff and families. Staff can use these videos to identify skills to enhance their relationships with families.

Healthy Active Living

Review this collection of resources and learn how to promote healthy active living among staff and families.

Partnerships Issues: Employees or Independent Contractors?

This article presents a brief overview of the issues and legal landscape surrounding workers in family child care settings. Program directors may use this resource to better understand legal issues related to family child care employees and independent contractors.

Emergency Preparedness and Planning

Learn about programs and agencies that can help grantees address facilities concerns and the needs of children and families affected by natural and man-made disasters.

Assessing Family Crisis

A crisis is a period of heightened family tension and imbalance that requires quick staff identification. Head Start staff who work with families will find this information useful in understanding what brings about crises for families. Just as a crisis is an opportunity for a family, it is also an opportunity for staff to make a real difference in the life of a Head Start family

My Personal Journey

Balancing family, work, and school is a juggling act, but can lead to incredible opportunities and achievements. Prospective students and persons responsible for staff development will find the author’s personal history interesting and encouraging as she re-tells the story of the path she took from AA degree, to mother and nursery school/day care center owner, to part-time undergraduate and graduate student, and eventually Head Start Director. Her account provides insight into how one person pursued educational and professional goals before distance learning was widespread and supported by Head Start programs.

Temperament Case Study for Use in Training

Use this case study in trainings with mental health consultants, education supervisors, and other early childhood staff. Learn to observe and recognize children's temperance temperament traits and determine if the child-caregiver relationship is a good fit. Use the strategies in the IT3 to explore ways to match caregiving styles to best fit the child’s temperament.