Session 2: Listening to Families

"Listening to Families" is a skill that is essential for providing responsive services to infants and toddlers with disabilities. This session builds on Volume 2, Session 1, Creating Bright Futures, and lays the foundation for building relationships with families.

Classroom Visuals & Supports

The Head Start Center for Inclusion offers a library of visual supports for teachers to use with children in the classroom. Look for illustrations of toys, art materials, daily schedule pictures, problem solving cue cards, and classroom certificates, to name just a few. Each one can be downloaded and printed out for immediate use.

Including Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities

Rooted in the key concept of "belonging," these sessions examine the beliefs and attitudes that influence and affect adults and children in inclusive settings. They and provide numerous practical strategies and tools to help families and providers implement high-quality inclusive services.

Collaboration and Teaming

Inclusion depends on a team of family members and service providers who assume collective responsibility for coordinating services to young children with disabilities and their families. This makes teaming a vital part of the process. The sessions in this volume provide a comprehensive set of strategies and activities that support high-quality collaboration and teaming.

Preschool Inclusion Series

The Preschool Inclusion Series of the SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library focuses on several aspects of including preschool-age children who have disabilities in programs and settings with their typically developing peers.

Adult Support

This in-service suite provides strategies for using adult support. These strategies can be used to increase the participation of children who need more support or challenge. Also, find examples that illustrate what the strategies look like in the classroom.

Social Stories

Children who have difficulties with social interactions often have trouble interpreting social situations and responding appropriately. Social Stories™, developed by Carol Gray, help children understand the events and expectations in their lives.

Disabilities Dialogue

Listen as guest experts share resources to support children with disabilities and their families. Explore the webinars and related resources below.