Prohibited Surfaces for Placing Climbing Equipment

Equipment used for climbing should not be placed over, or immediately next to, hard surfaces not intended for use as surfacing for climbing equipment. All pieces of playground equipment should be placed over a shock-absorbing material that is either the unitary or the loose-fill type extending beyond the perimeter of the stationary equipment.

First Aid and Emergency Supplies

The facility should maintain up-to-date first aid and emergency supplies in each location in which children are cared. First aid kits or supplies should be restocked after each use.

Emergency Procedures

Programs should have a procedure for responding to situations when an immediate emergency medical response is required. Emergency procedures should be posted and readily accessible. All providers and/or staff should be trained to manage an emergency until emergency medical care becomes available.

Infectious Disease Outbreak Control

During an identified outbreak of any reportable illness at the program, a child or staff member should be excluded if the local health department official or primary health care provider suspects that the child or staff member is contributing to transmission of the illness, is not adequately immunized when there is an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease, or the circulating pathogen poses an increased risk to the individual.

Parent Tip Sheets and Parent Cards: Welcome to Group Care

Explore this information on what to expect in group care, including topics such as social development, safety, eating, and physical activity. The resources are divided into developmental stages and designed to help families promote the health and well-being of their children.

Early Childhood State Advisory Councils

Early Childhood State Advisory Councils (SACs) work to improve the quality, availability, and coordination of programs and services for children ages birth to 5.