What Makes Supervision Work


This report documents the themes that emerged from the focus groups regarding supervision and training of home visitors. The report is presented in two parts; the first part addresses the needs of supervisors and the second addresses the needs of home visitors.

Healthy Gender Development and Young Children

Children learn the social meanings of gender from adults and culture. Beliefs about activities, interests, and behaviors associated with gender are called "gender norms," and gender norms are not exactly the same in every community.

Workforce Development: Ongoing Professional Learning

This brief summarizes what the Institute of Medicine and National Research Council’s report, Transforming the Workforce for Children Birth to Eight says about professional development and learning teachers gather during teaching practice.

Parent-Child Relationships Infographic

Explore this research-based infographic to learn how and why the parent-child relationship is important. Review strategies program supervisors and staff can use the infographic to promote these relationships.