Healthy Active Living: Tips for Health Managers

This fact sheet provides information on healthy active living. It discusses the importance of physical activity, a healthy diet, and quality sleep to the overall growth, development, and learning of young children.

Strategic Maintenance Planning Tool

Head Start leaders must develop systems to address the maintenance needs and repair schedules of their facilities. These systems can have significant budgetary implications and should be approached with the same care one would take with any major purchase. Use this facilities guidance tool to help with data-informed decision-making in implementing sound business practices.

A Fiscal Management Checklist for Partnerships

Partners can use this worksheet in the early stages of forming their partnership agreements and processes. It can also help in the stages of exploration and initial installation as described by implementation science. Partners can also use this tool to raise questions and prioritize critical issues when working together to build partnerships.

Understanding Depression

Use this tip sheet to identify the signs of depression. It can be shared with parents so that they learn how to take care of themselves and seek help when necessary.